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This report gives you a comprehensive group ownership analysis. It will help you to understand which group member you are trading with and importantly, which member you should be trading with.
  • Review credit worthiness of a company you are trading within the overall context of its group strength
  • Clearly understand the ownership relationships between different members of group
  • No need to incur multiple credit report costs to assess credit worthiness of an entire group -simply use our single Group Report to gain powerful decision making information at a glance
  • Reduce time taken to investigate corporate structure and ownership
The report includes:
  • The group owner, including registered office address, principle business address and contact telephone number
  • Key financial information about the holding company, to assess the strength of the controlling company and its Equifax Scorecheck risk rating.
  • Summary of the group, including the number of companies, trading companies and their average Scorecheck risk rating.
  • Information for each subsidiary, including:
    • Scorecheck rating
    • Name
    • Registered office address
    • Net worth
    • Turnover
    • Pre-tax profits
    • Total assets
    • Liquidity ratio
Please click here for a sample report with explanatory notes
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