A very unusual company name (perhaps someone fell asleep on their keyboard)

Britain's bizarre business names

There have been some unusual names listed at Company House over the years but we did have a chuckle at this one when it was flagged up.


And just for the record (so you don’t think we are making it up) the company number 06281464

We think the author may have fallen asleep at their keyboard and this was the result as it is impossible to make any sense out of it.

We wondered what was the oddest name you’ve come across over the years? The Daily Mail reported on the firms Spruce Springclean, Jean Claude Van Man and Sell-Fridges that topped a list of bizarre business names in Britain. They said the Cornwall carpet cleaner Spruce Springclean took the number one slot followed by Portsmouth-based locksmith Surelock Homes and a chain of London wine bars called Planet of the Grapes.

The image shows the London Wine Bar and shop Planet of the Grapes in London. Pic The Metro

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