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The ICSM Equifax Credit Profile Report gives vital fraud protection by providing instant online access to critical business information to enable intelligent lending decisions.

The Connections Report uses 34 simultaneous intelligent searches across the depth of our Business Information Database.

These real-time searches are carried out each time an enquiry is made, providing up to the minute protection.

Its aim is to uncover deliberate attempts to hide, obscure and blur company and director linkages. It also identifies directors with a track record of company failure and discovers phoenix companies revived from failure by connections to dissolved companies.

The report contains the following information:
  • Company identification
  • Summary of name, postcode and DOB for current company officers
  • Previous directors of the company (otherwise excluded from the rest of the report)
  • Director Disqualification search results
  • Companies for which current company officers are also directors, the status of those companies and any CCJs and director disqualifications
  • Registered number searches.
Please click here for a sample report with explanatory notes
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