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Consumer reports are essential when considering non- incorporated businesses for credit terms to ensure the proprietor(s) are a good credit risk.

The assessment and management of the risks presented by consumers applying for your products or services is becoming increasingly complex. Each product or service you offer can attract a different profile of applicant, requiring a specific risk assessment evaluation.

With information on over 45 million consumers and access to 300 million consumer credit agreements, expert analysts and powerful consumer scoring capabilities, ICSM Equifax consumer reports can provide the most effective credit risk evaluation tools available.

Our consumer credit risk evaluation and scoring products and services enable business to:
  • Identify potential credit risks for new and existing customers
  • Streamline the account opening and application process
  • Consistently apply your decision criteria to approve customers and sell new services
  • Simplify your account qualification and approval processes
  • Protect the profitability of your customer portfolio
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