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ICSM gives its subscribing companies a unique way to make informed credit decisions through the sharing of credit information, national and international credit reports as well as access to legal advice and debt recovery services.

Being a member of ICSM gives you exclusive access to:
  • Free access to local and national credit watch community information.
  • Automatic monitoring of your customers’ performance with real time updating.
  • Free traditional credit reports.
  • Access to online foreign credit reports from over 150 countries.
  • Free on-line debt legal letters.
Formed in 1991 to help a local credit circle communicate its knowledge of rogue debtors, we now help thousands of members across the UK, covering a wide range of industries and market sectors. We are also the recommended provider of Credit Management and Information Services to the memberships of numerous industry professional and trade bodies such as the Institute for Credit Management PICON and OFDA.

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