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ICSM services allow you to make informed decisions about whether to give commercial credit to companies.

We understand that you often need to agree lines of credit within short timescales, so our website information is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Off-line requests are responded to in most cases within 90 minutes of receiving a request within normal office hours.

In addition to access from traditional credit information agencies, our members also share factual knowledge about their bad debtors to give real-time information to others interested in the same company.

Receiving Information

Once you have registered your interest in a potential creditor, you will be able to access and receive up-to-date, verified information:
  • On-line credit reports that can be saved to your PC.
  • ICSM specialist information via email.
  • Free, traditional credit information from top credit agencies.
  • Notification of any changes to their public records.
  • Automatic monitoring by ICSM with immediate updates of changes and potential problems.
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Exclusive Knowledge
  • The ICSM database information is not available from any other source.
  • We provide up-to-date information that has been supplied to us by our network of subscribers.
  • The information available is updated by subscribers entering their clients’ payment records as well from ICSM’s own investigations. For example, when an on-line legal letter is sent, this updates the system and other members interested in that company are informed.
  • This factual information is made available to all subscribers vetting potential commercial customers - dramatically reducing their exposure to bad debt.
  • We track company directors’ movements and director disqualifications, advising our clients of ‘Phoenix company’ start-ups.
  • All enquiries are monitored against the London Gazette and our subscribers are notified immediately when one of their customers is issued with a legal notice, a winding-up petition, or the appointment of an administrative receiver or liquidator.
  • Being linked to all the major sources of public record data, we provide comprehensive financial information on companies, unincorporated businesses and individuals.
  • In most cases, we can supply information within 90 minutes of receiving a request to allow you to make an instant informed decision on whether or not to grant credit.
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Support & Advice
  • Our member account managers are available to support and advise you on credit information and managing bad debt.
  • ICSM works with its members to collate factual information about potential bad payers to give you the information you need, when you need it.
  • Free legal advice and consultations on all aspects of your business, including debt recovery, management buy-outs, commercial law, terms and conditions, shareholder agreements, HR, health and safety plus reduced legal fees when our lawyers are instructed.
  • Free on-line Letters before Action.
  • Full specialist debt recovery service and advice by solicitors and lawyers.
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