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ICSM helps thousands of UK businesses avoid bad debt. Our database of information is unique as our members help each other by informing us of their bad debt experiences. Become involved by using the form below to inform us of your bad debtors.

This is your opportunity to do something about the debt and credit control problems that cause headaches for companies across Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

Other ICSM members interested in the companies you tell us about will be informed quickly of your experience, so they can decide whether to (continue to) grant them credit.

Please note that the source of the information is not disclosed to other members.

Remember, members can also gain free debt and credit control advice from our qualified and experienced staff who offer confidential help and advice on any financial issue.

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Use this form to notify ICSM of your bad debt experiences.

This is your opportunity to DO SOMETHING about a problem which blights our industry.

If you require advice about a debt or credit control problem, why not call ICSM for free advice from qualified and experienced staff who will offer confidential help and advice on any financial issue.

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