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ICSM Debt Recovery Services UK & International Debt Recovery

Bringing in a debt collection company to assist in the collection of outstanding accounts often adds enough weight to encourage your customer to pay. In turn this frees up your time and your resources allowing you to focus on what really matters to your business.

Often there is a reason for non payment or there has been a breakdown in communication. So we will always work to maintain relationships between you and your customer if required. We offer a polite and professional mediation which more often than not leads to the successful collection of your money. Alternatively, a more hardline approach can be taken.

Communication is key! We use a mixture of phone calls, emails and letters all with varying levels of impact - ensuring that the right message is conveyed at the right time in order to reach the right conclusion as quickly as we can for our clients. All written correspondence is sent by post as well as electronically, but speaking is often the key so we always try to focus on verbal communications, spending a majority of our time contacting your customers by phone where possible.

We operate across the UK as well as acting on international debts, with successful collections from as far away as Japan and Australia.

We have acted on debts for customers from varying sectors including construction, legal firms, funeral directors as well as the printing and graphic arts industry. This allows us to tailor our approach accordingly.

All debtors are subjected to a background check to assess their creditworthiness, legal history (i.e. county court judgments, writs of control, insolvency, etc). This allows us to advise you on the quickest and best approach to collect your outstanding accounts successfully.

We charge a small administration fee to start the collection process: this depends on the level of action you have opted for. Our main charge is upon successful collection, for which a commission fee is charged on any funds received for each case. So it is absolutely in our interest to act on your debts quickly and efficiently.

In the event that litigation/legal action is required additional charges are often incurred. Those charges are predominantly payable to the courts and are always discussed and agreed with you before we proceed. However, any fee incurred during the collection of your debts is automatically applied to your debt for your debtor to pay back to you unless otherwise agreed. Under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act, you are entitled to not just your original debt but statutory late payments interest, statutory late payments contribution, collection costs and any legal fees incurred. So although you may have upfront costs in the collection of a debt owed to you, more often than not you are reimbursed for those as well as having extra on top. In other words, it can pay you to use our services rather than cost you!

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