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ICSM Debt Recovery Services A Datascan cross-checks your customer against the ICSM database of credit abuse information.

Simply select the search option from the menu and enter your membership details. You will then be prompted to enter in the company you are interested in. Our database will then check that company against our data which is sent to us (and constantly updated) by our subscribers.

Your Datascan enquiry will be logged and monitored for 12 months. If we receive any adverse information about the company during that period, it is forwarded to you and other interested parties free of charge.

Please note that you can also check and monitor your entire client base using our Client Base Monitor service.

How is the Datascan information collected?

ICSM members notify us in writing (via email or fax) of any adverse trading situations that they encounter. This information often relates to Stop, Litigation, Spurious disputes, RD & RDPR cheque listings etc.

This information is processed by our trained operatives and added to the “offending companies”
record on our database. A copy of the Fax / Email / Bounced Cheque is archived should we need to refer to it at a later date.

Any member who has requested information on the subject company within the previous 12 months is automatically contacted via email or fax with details of the complaint, along with the industry type it originated from (e.g., Printer, Paper Merchant, Stockholder, Insurance Broker, etc.)

Please note that the source of the information is not disclosed to other members.

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