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As an ICSM member, you have access to an unparalleled source of financial data plus real-time information from other ICSM members.

To help you avoid defaulting creditors and bad debt, our services include:

1. Full Company Status Reports for Limited Companies

ICSM’s unique database allows you to search and monitor a company’s date of incorporation, date latest accounts filed, changes in directors or memorandum, directors personal details, mortgages and debentures, County Court Judgements, winding up petitions, legal notices and voluntary arrangement. In addition, you can see the last five years’ accounts details including, number of employees, any parent and subsidiary companies, ratios and gearing, credit opinions and financial summary.

2. Directors / Previous Directorships Search

This facility checks an individual for any current or previous directorships, including those in failed companies.

3. Small Business Searches

Unrivalled access to credit information about Non-limited Companies, Partnerships and Sole Traders. The ICSM database searches and monitors details of County Court Judgements, voluntary arrangements, electoral register search as well as giving confirmation of the proprietors’ home address and other details including individual bankruptcy.

4. Advice Lines

ICSM members have a direct link to our qualified and experienced staff, who give help and advice on financial and legal issues. From basic sales ledger set-up and management to in-depth analysis of company balance sheets and payment performance; how to read a company financial report and what to look for, and where; plus debt recovery legal procedures; the do’s and don’ts of debt recovery and how best to pursue a debt through the legal system.

5. International Company Reports

ICSM provides a complete international report service, covering more than 130 countries worldwide. Please note that filing requirements vary from country to country, we will advise you when ordering a report of the levels of information you can expect to receive.

Prices for International Reports vary, depending on the country and on the speed of service required. For most European Countries, we are able to provide a same day service. For further information, or to order an International Report, please contact us on 0844 854 1850.

6. Consumer Searches and Debtor Tracing

Details of this new service and samples will follow shortly.
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