Manchester printer says administration is possible

Print firm G&H on the brink of crashing 

In another blow to the print industry G&H in Manchester has given notice it is likely to appoint administrators as it attempts to find a buyer.

ICSM believes the sheetfed and web printing firm has been in trouble for some time with something of a ‘track record’ in late payment to suppliers. Those suppliers must now be fearing the worst.

Outgoing director Dave Hatton was quoted in Print Week as saying: “G&H was for sale prior to Conviviality PLC going into administration owing G&H £235,000. That combined with the paper and insurance companies who now appear to be running the printing industry putting the squeeze on credit limits. We felt that we had no alternative but to file a notice of intention to provide protection whilst we seek a buyer for the business.”

ICSM understands that a related company called G&H Print Services Ltd had picked up a “substantial” County Court Judgement recently suggesting all was not well at the Trafford Park company. The firm prints for the The Guardian, Lakeland and the football clubs of Manchester City, Manchester United and Everton.

Ian Carrott of ICSM says: “A number of members have been worried about the situation at Trafford Park and fear administration is imminent. If that was to happen it would be very serious for the 80 or so staff, the suppliers who are owed cash and the print industry in general.”

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