Owed money? Don’t write it off… try out our new Microdebt Recovery Service

We’ve all done it. You’ve done all the chasing you have time for by phone, email and letter. But still no money.

It’s only a few hundred pounds - an annoying amount to lose… but going down the debt recovery route looks like throwing good money after bad.

Don’t write it off. Our new Microdebt Recovery Service – where there’s no fee unless we recover your money – makes it a win-win situation all round.

Just let us do the chasing of those debts you would normally write off and if we can recover the debt, we will send it over to you minus a small fee.

We will take on debts of between £25.00 and £200.00. For debts under £200 the fee is 40% of what we recover - so there’s 60% in your account that you had probably said goodbye to.

If nothing is received, there’s no charge at all. But with our track record for debt recovery, if there’s money to be recovered, we do normally get it back…

Contact Sam on (01454322234 or email him on sam.farrow@icsmcredit.com to find out more.

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