ICSM's November News Update - including a listing of who has gone bust in runners and riders

ICSM's November News Update - including a listing of who has gone bust in runners and riders

Welcome to our November Newsletter

I have said it for months that when the furlough scheme ends in September many 'zombie firms' would go under once their life support is withdrawn. Now the Insolvency Service have confirmed my worst feats with a 56% increase year on year of failing companies for September. And I can only advise that in the coming months many more firms will call it a day due to a number of reasons. Debt is the big one, but also a loss of trade due to the lockdowns and changes in working practices. With many workers staying at home to work rather than heading into town there's been a drop in business for cafes, sandwich shops, pubs, coffee rooms, newsagents and small shops and 9/11 outlets. Then there's labour shortages and fewer HGV drivers causing problems across the sectors.

So if you are waiting in vain for payment from your struggling clients and customers act now to make sure you get paid by using our FREE 90 day membership and FREE legal letters that get results from accounts departments that have put some payments on stop.

Complete them online and send them off and you will find that the vast majority of times you get paid soon afterwards due to the escalating pressure on the debtor. If there is still no payment then our debt collection sector can help. They pull in hundreds of thousands of pounds for our members - often on invoices members have given up on. 

I have seen and survived four recessions and believe me cash flow is king. It's your money - you've supplied the goods and services to your customer - so ensure you get paid with our help.

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Best wishes
Ian Carrotte
Proprietor of ICSM Credit
For details about ICSM Credit call 0844 854 1850 or visit the website www.icsmcredit.com or email Ian at Ian.carrotte@icsmcredit.com


Surge in insolvencies as furlough ends
ICSM has predicted for weeks that there would be a rise in business collapses once the Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s money ran out. Money that is the furlough scheme that has pumped billions into companies to get them through the covid crisis.

Ian Carrotte of ICSM said 1,446 companies had gone under in September – a 7.2% increase on the previous month as the scheme came to an end. He said: “It is no surprise these firms are going bust as many have not been able to trade due to the lockdowns, HGV driver shortage, labour shortages and debts as their overheads still have to be paid. Overall September’s figures are more than 50% up from the same month in 2020.”

The Insolvency Service said: “A recent Bank of England report found that a third of UK’s small businesses were classified as highly indebted with debt levels of more than 10 times their cash balances, compared with 14% before Covid-19.”

Ian Carrotte said too many firms were allowing companies in trouble to have extended credit terms with little prospect of being paid if they go into administration. He said: “We have been offering free ICSM membership and free legal letters this autumn so to help firms get paid. The legal letters often do the trick as they come from ICSM – one of the most respected credit intelligence groups in the UK. And our debt collecting service pulls in hundreds of thousands in unpaid invoices for members every year. If you don’t get paid – don’t delay.”

Largest failure since Carillion
Building firm NMCN has collapsed into administration after failing to sign off its 2020 accounts and secure a re-financing of the business. Reporting in Construction News last month David Price wrote: “The utilities-focused outfit confirmed that it had filed notice of its intention to appoint Grant Thornton as administrator of the £400m-turnover business. NMCN has unveiled a string of growing profit warnings over the past year, and expected to report a pre-tax loss of around £43m for 2020. Its collapse is the biggest corporate failure in the construction sector since Carillion went bust in January 2018.”

He reported that ‘the administration concerns the parent company of the group, NMCN PLC, and its NMCN Sustainable Solutions Limited subsidiary.’ He added: “The group said its other subsidiaries were not ‘currently’ affected and that NMCN had received offers from interested buyers to take them over as going concerns. The remaining subsidiaries are expected to be sold during the administration process, with the proceeds being used to settle creditor claims. Shareholders are not expected to receive any dividends from the process.”

ICSM understand the firm was expecting to report a pre-tax loss of around £43m for 2020. Ian Carrotte said this was the largest corporate failure in the construction industry since 2018 when Carillion went bust owing many millions of pounds.

West firm owed £2.5m
Last month Plymouth's URBN Construction went bust owing 182 creditors a total of £2.5 million. William Telford of Plymouth Live reported: “URBN Construction left just £44,400 in assets, but was faced with claims totalling more than £2.5m for money owed. Even the taxman, HM Revenue and Customs, will not receive the full £345,687 it is due, despite being a preferential creditor. And 20 former employees are unlikely to see any of the £65,262 that is owed to them.”

Ian Carrotte of ICSM said that around 2,000 building firms had collapsed since 2019 and the start of the Covid-19 crisis.

Plymouth Live said creditors included Burrington Estates (New Homes) Ltd, owed £51,462, while MEP Systems Ltd, based in Estover, Plymouth, was owed £159,523, Plymouth’s YGS Landscapes Ltd is £37,669 out of pocket, Westcountry Fabrication Ltd were taken for £87,333.Others included Exeter’s System Six Kitchens are owed £119,338, Pavilion Construction Ltd, in Newton Abbot, lost £93,179, builders merchants RGB Holdings Ltd, were hit with a £59.135 loss, and Ashburton’s Devon Tarmasters (SW) Ltd was owed £33,943.

Fashion insolvencies
The Covid-19 lockdowns that forced many businesses to close appears to have claimed another victim in the fashion store Roland Mouret based in London’s West End. The high-end luxury store is widely reported as being on the brink of appointing administrators.

The Sunday Times reported Roland Mouret filed the notice due to the slump in sales of their designer dresses. Roland Mouret is owned by designer Roland Mouret and businessman Simon Fuller and their landlord Grosvenor Estates. Other fashion stores killed off by the lockdowns and a switch to online shopping include Laura Ashley, Debenhams, Jaeger, Ralph & Russo and Oasis.


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Runners and Riders
Below is a collated list taken from the Government’s London Gazette of various businesses who are experiencing problems in the last few weeks.
We have broken them into different sections to make it easier to see and we have included the company number in each case. 

Administrators Appointed
Dawsons Music & Sound Limited    12587114
KLT Communications Limited    11059534
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Ashworth Creative Limited    09837324
Bacall PR Limited    08562898
Better Marketing Solutions    12330037
Display Revolution Limited    11091409
H J Design Limited    09155535
JGM Media Limited    10134079
Market Link Creative Marketing Limited    00481743
Nationwide Marketing Limited    12392387
Rupert Design and Packaging Limited    11935459
The Original Art Company (UK) Limited    04450492
Thomas Music & Art Limited    08046579
TW Shopfitting Limited    09880591
Whizz Promotions Limited    08936819
Liquidators Appointed
2Plus2 Creative Limited    12474183
Aventor Design Limited    04557090
Beyond Visual Designs Limited    07901085
Blue Active Media Limited    00558127
Be Yourself Marketing Limited    07440633
Chase PR and Social Media Limited    08696010
Climate Media Limited    08268852
Cocktail Marketing Limited    08644191
Cresco Communications Limited    08840929
Digital Fuel Marketing Limited     08607772
Flyght Designs Limited    11959589
Grand Designs Animation Limited    04367385
Greystone Communications Limited    10955776
H & Q Design Limited    09021362
Ian Rogers Media Limited    11366945
In-Out Design Limited    07669421
Joshbrand Promotions Limited    09423212
JHP Design Limited    01858953
Junkyard Creative Limited    10423448
Longhorn Films Limited    05354568
MGK Design Solutions Limited    05642993
Money Tree Media Limited    09153411
Nelson Design Limited03969066
P.B. Signs Limited    05665800
PK Printwork Ventures Limited    08405812
Roadhouse Productions Limited    05551771
SPM Marketing Limited    10823945
TMS Publishing Limited    11002243
The Good Marketing Company Ltd    11444075
The Hotel Marketing (Cyprus) Limited    03230648
Vibe Communications UK Ltd    05742367
Yellow and Grey Design Limited    12121281
Members Voluntary Liquidations
Aldridge Print Group Limited    03923817
Allied Outdoor Advertising Limited    02317772
AM Marketing (Kent) Limited    09935185
Angus Advertising Limited    10668962
Apeseven Media Services Limited    06291905
B S B Design Limited    10553296
BCS Design Limited    04858971
C.F.D. Billboards Limited    01329843
Chiron Communications Limited    01081808
CH Promotions Limited    10668854
Clear Channel Banners Limited    04715228
Clear Channel (Midlands) Limited    01448409
Clear Channel (South West) Limited    03030075
Clear Channel UK (One) Limited    01441161
Clear Channel UK (Three) Limited    01847745
DSG Broadcast Services Limited    06007577
D'Souza-Rauto Broadcast TV Clear Limited    07274970
GHF Media Limited    08957120
Family Type Limited    12178226
F M Media Limited    04143850
Grosvenor Advertising Limited    03130865
Kippax Boy Limited    08839736
KMS Advertising Limited    03021896
Linotype Hell Limited    00765637
Mint Solutions Design Limited    08991321
PPS Media Limited    03165439
Spear Communications Limited    03258560
Strategic Communications Consultancy Limited    08070607
Tee Media Company UK Limited    07888317
Total Office Printing Services Limited    01014073
Town and City Advertising Limited    01624909
Vision Posters Limited    02526180
XR Design Limited    11732366
Petitions to Wind Up
Aequitas Packing (UK) Limited    08913537
Winding up orders
One Space Media Limited    06741203
Compulsory Liquidators Appointed S 136   
Manchester Food Traders Limited    05559270
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
85 Leisure Limited    11256791
Garvey Taverns Limited    10123337
HIIT Kitchen Food Services Limited    11197965
L & O Meats Limited    03883042
Molana Foods Limited    09252081
Orange Acorn Taverns Limited    09899819
Pearl Food Distribution Limited    07908857
Peoples Coffee Limited    09855202
Raw Construction (Foods) Ltd     09552033
Star Spice And Grill Limited     12288018
Taste Cuisine Limited    06744692
The Lounge Restaurant Manchester Limited    08803380
The Lunch Box (A & D) Limited    04505392
Wakefield Pizza and Kebab Limited     12292364
Liquidators Appointed
AAHZ Hospitality (PVT) Limited    12057477
ADC Food Limited    09722515
A & W Foods Limited    10385115
AYS Food Limited    11240813
Bargain Drink Busters Limited     08086095
Birrell Bars Limited    12140031
Butterfly Food Limited    12253955
Caffeine Lounge Ltd    11745088
Concept Food Services Ltd    07757194
Cotleigh Brewery Limited    04758308
D & P Food and Wine Limited    11411793
Dorset Food Limited Limited   11927563
D.Rock Champagne Limited    11696043
Duck Restaurant Limited     11333949
Foodafayre (Uk) Limited    04005117
Global Food & Drink Supermarket Limited    11304891
Hai Shui Restaurant Limited    08541398
JMP Catering Limited    11827155
K D Restaurant Group Limited     10083992
Ladybird Off Licence Limited    09729407
Maido Foods Limited    10265708
Meat Boutique Limited     13150265
Mettricks Limited    08327715
Munchies Grilled Limited     11994771
New Dawn Foods Limited     08078983
Pizza Unit Limited    12290953
Premier Bar and Catering Limited    09797075
Premier Westminster Restaurants Limited    07172594
Rock Grill and Pizza Limited    11249126
Roamers Caterers Limited    09157896
Wardour Foods Limited    05575730
Members Voluntary Liquidations
Bloomsbury Drinks Limited    08462775
K and D Wines Limited    03965255
Pandora Express 1 Limited    04688642
Pandora Express 2 Limited    04688647
Pandora Express 3 Limited    04688610
Pandora Express 4 Limited    04688632
Pandora Express 5 Limited    04709081
Pandora Express 6 Limited    02776512
Pandora Express 7 Limited    04992210
Pizza Express (Soho) Limited    00646528
The Gourmet Pizza Company Limited    02874428
The Good Food Company of Harefield Limited    02344092
Petitions to Wind Up   
G Lawrence Wholesale Meat Company Limited    01084692
Winding up orders
OTR Restaurant Limited    09315889
The Meat Company (Sussex) Limited    11974869
Administrators Appointed
All Foundations (UK) Limited    06749253
ASA Crushing & Screening Limited    10191566
Hayden Homes Limited    10674359
Kapex Construction Limited    10538428
MS Construction Group Limited    12362907
Res Homes Limited    10781847
Shackleton, Wintle and Lane Limited    01736379
Administrators Meetings Para 51   
Minister Building Company Limited    06402398
Saul Brothers Limited     06739784
Compulsory Liquidators Appointed s 136
GILB Construction Limited    07123381
SCG Building Services Limited    08408460
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Ashford Newbuild Limited    11825307
Beechwood Construction Limited    07092676
Bow Builders Limited    10310438
Camellia Construction Limited     12285488
CG Rail Limited    09574790
Easy Access Construction Limited    04778979
Elm Rail Limited    11578798
Fairhold Haven Limited    05441733
Fairhold Homes (No.8) Limited    03697443
JJ Building Services (Gloucester) Limited    10480874
Kiveton Rail Limited    10126862
Matt a’Court Building Contractors Limited    10690292
Midgley Construction Limited    08516993
Red Door Homes (NW) Limited    11341186
S & T Builders Limited    08883314
SJS Construction Ltd    08342200
State Of The Art Construction Limited    10699642
Sparrow Building Limited    08842213
Total Construction and Maintenance Limited    07154984
TUD Construction Limited    10906495
Liquidators Appointed
All Work Construction Limited    11408155
APS Plumbing Heating & Gas Engineers Limited    05187423
AS Builders (Warwickshire) Limited    11344840
Boon Consulting (UK) Limited    03926039
Cambourne Construction Limited    11082397
CHB Construction Limited    09858195
Drax Homes Limited    07797352
Fen Rail Services Limited     12477215
FWD Construction Limited    06791986
Infrastructure Developments Limited    08785458
GM Build-UK Limited    11936758
H M T Construction Limited    09362444
Homeseal Windows Limited    10052787
JE Construction Sussex Limited    08858943
Live O Electrical Ltd    11187311
MF Building Construction Limited    10672267
Midgley Construction Limited    08516993
Northeastern Construction Limited    08843179
PHL Plastering Limited    06328525
PJH Building Contractors Limited    06416600
Prism Architectural Limited    04017047
Red Door Homes (NW) Limited    11341186
Robert Sterling Surveyors LLP    OC355537
SOS Construction & Civil Engineering Limited    10031940
Span Construction Limited    11320465
Members Voluntary Liquidations
Albert Cottages Limited    07268999
Carbis Bay Developments Limited     08104017
Construction 123 Limited    04904365
Dove Construction Services Limited    02849051
Signature Homes (Southern) Limited    09366118
Petitions to Wind Up
Holmes Construction (Cumbria) Limited    10191432
Regency Build & Development Limited    11112966
Winding Up Dismissal
UK Steel Fabricators Limited    08437203
Winding up orders
BPL Build Limited     09749998
Purple Development Homes Limited    11621690
Administrators Appointed
The Wheel Company (North East) Limited    09051661
W.E. Deane Limited    00768571
W E Deane Liverpool Ltd    11472808
White Peak Distribution Limited    04751874
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
ABC Couriers Limited    03303731
Budget Express Limited    09911392
KV Cars and Couriers Limited    04535471
Pearl Food Distribution Limited    07908857
Rossay Logistics Limited    10308078
Squirrel Freight Limited    11315974
THL Transport Limited    11543224
The General Storage Company Limited    05552475
VAL Transport Limited    10603698
Liquidators Appointed
I 54 Logistics Limited     08842678
A1 Elite Courier Services Limited    08532149
AJD Logistics (Basingstoke) Limited    09446584
AL J Transport Limited    09209900
A P Warehousing and Logistics Limited    11577969
Bishop’s Move Limited    00860924
Darrells Transport Services Limited    07844868
D Gilbert Transport Limited    08610191
Douglas & Sons Logistics Network Ltd.    10288132
Dunlace Taxi Services Limited    04174672
Dolphi Couriers Limited    06658308
DTS Couriers Limited    09223368
FMCG Logistics Limited    11028581
Gorilla Haulage Limited    10672141
K Transport Systems Limited    12140118
One Distribution Limited    11243506
Melbourne Courier Company Limited    06060889
Performance Logistics UK Limited    09634456
Rossay Logistics Ltd    10308078
Squirrel Freight Limited    11315974
Steve Swift Transport Limited    07244115
S. W. Allen Logistics Limited    09639057
THL Transport Limited     11543224
Transport Resources International Limited    05635230
Translogic Limited    03936360
Wolf haulage Limited    11280694
YH Transport Limited    12113384
Members Voluntary Liquidations
Bob Sherwin Limited    04823622
Cardinal Shipping Limited    06693315
Logistics Projects (Pontefract) Limited    10377376
Stobart Transport & Distribution Limited    05907280
Westminster Shipping Limited    06358101
Petitions to Wind Up
P Young Transport Limited    04869024
Winding up orders
LV Distributions Limited    11892823
Administrators Appointed
F3 Events Limited    05973055
Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meeting   
A-Z Banqueting Solutions Limited    08081799
Fine Manor Events Limited    07198089
Liquidators Appointed
Derby Ritz Events Venue Limited    12256942
Event Exhibition Services Limited    05169724
Elf Events Limited    07606463
Event Exhibition Services Limited    05169724
Exhibitions Conferences & Banqueting Services Limited    04372359
F4d Events Limited    11169643
P.B. Signs Limited    05665800
Walsall Banqueting and Conference Limited    11039991
Members Voluntary Liquidations
Mitie Events & Leisure Services Limited     07836059
The Worx (Canteen) Limited     03446136
Petitions to Wind Up
Billion Lenny Events Limited    11636107
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Guided Motorbike Tours Limited     10235164
Polka Dot Cycling Limited    07508781
Seychelles European Reservations Limited    03524046
Liquidators Appointed
Bliss Travel (Bawtry) Limited    08486105
DJ Travel Industry Consultants Limited    07778468
Lotus Tours Limited    10957469
Mark Pollard Travel Limited    06285320
Paradise Travel & Tours Limited    04803012
Rydewell Travel Limited    04634365
Saturn Travel Limited    00965522
Top Travel & Tours Limited    10707657
Administrators Appointed
Fletcher’s Arms Limited    06166950
The White Swan West Coker Limited    03856581
Walworth House Pub Limited    10046639
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Duck Restaurant Limited    11333949
Henna Wedding & Catering Limited    07782752
Kim Korean Restaurants Limited    07205480
Seychelles European Reservations Limited    03524046
Sky & Star Limited    08818659
Travel Kings Limited    06537441
Trademark Events Limited    10265116
Yaz Cafe Limited    12093358
Liquidators Appointed
Arctic Bars Limited    11850345
Bliss Travel (Bawtry) Limited    08486105
Coaster Coffee Limited    11798228
Elf Events Limited    07606463
Exhibitions Conferences & Banqueting Services Limited    04372359
F4d Events Limited    11169643
Firefly Cinema Club Ltd     13047611
Front Foot Hospitality Limited    08116855
Giant Hospitality Limited    09589283
HMR Sporting Club Limited    11952119
Lahore Restaurant Watford Limited    10870014
Lotus Tours Limited    10957469
Meat The Art Limited    10091868
Paradise Travel & Tours Limited    04803012
RLCL Entertainment Limited    09416395
Top Travel & Tours Limited    10707657
Traditional London Pubs Limited    06350567
Walsall Banqueting and Conference Limited    11039991
Members Voluntary Liquidations
BH Hospitality Limited    10088787
Cyphers Indoor Bowling Company Limited    00312671
Kempston Liberal Working Men’s Club and Institute
MJ Restaurants Limited    06523322   
Newlands Coffee Limited    07476611
Swansea Bay Hotel Ltd     11786831
The Pailton Pub Company Limited    06651043
Tourico Holidays UK Limited    07194495
Wear Inns Limited    05613167
Petitions Dismissed
Nite Stop Limited    03018778   
Petitions to Wind Up
Billion Lenny Events Limited    11636107
Black Diamond Bars Limited    11452878
Winding Up Orders
OTR Restaurant BM Limited    10647317
Administrators Appointed
AE Aerospace Limited    03286967
All-Counties Supplies Limited    02677377
GBM-Manufacturing Limited    01284029
J E Lord & Co Limited    04192816
Trade Business Limited    05490057
Compulsory Liquidators Appointed s 136
Oso Polymers UK Limited    11167768  
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Chistya Clothing (Leicester) Limited    10110748
DHK Fashion Limited    11579336
JTD Engineering Limited    11637181
Kitchen and Bathroom Collective Limited    07488220
Refine Garment Processing Limited    10941759
Scope Engineering Services Limited    09650941
Liquidators Appointed
Atlas Engineering Services Limited    03379887
G & J Engineering Limited    02600227
GAL Fashion Limited    11256573
Relaxing Times Limited    08830125
Mark Woolley Engineering (MWE) Limited    11064379
Pro-Fit Bespoke Fitted Furniture Limited    09315277
Members Voluntary Liquidations
CRM Engineering Services Limited    10773257
Grimes Mechanical Limited    11134204
Mitie Engineering Limited     05077998
Streetwise Fabrications Limited    06652243
Petitions to Wind Up
AG Safebooths UK Limited    09619365
Winding up orders
Oakhurst Engineers North West Limited    11354777
Administrators Meetings Para 51
Monument Paper Bag Company Limited (The)   00481099
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Supreme Digital Print Limited    10503828
Waltham Print Limited    09904745
Liquidators Appointed
Blue Print High Wycombe Limited    08583218
Britannia Sign and Print Limited    11331347
Copyprint UK Limited    00991016
Double Six Press Limited    04131708
Festival Publications Limited    09017770
Mitchells Printers Limited    10523755
P.B. Signs Limited    05665800
PK Printwork Limited    08405812
Supreme Digital Print Limited    10503828
The Westdale Press Limited    01787743
TRB Print and Graphics Limited    05766404
TMS Publishing Limited    11002243
Members Voluntary Liquidations
Aldridge Print Group Limited    03923817
Family Type Limited    12178226
Quill And Ink Limited     08077088
Linotype-Hell Limited    00765637
Total Office Printing Services Limited    01014073
Administrators Appointed
FSLP Limited    06470282
Pheasant Clothing Limited    03504842
Superior Meat Processors Limited    09828815
Administrators Meetings Para 51
Clement Browne Limited    07184480
Kurt Orban Partners Limited     08475033
Compulsory Liquidators Appointed s 136
Your Car Solutions Limited    10398386
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
A & S Townsend Limited    04463206
Best Car Seller Limited    10831203
Building Supplies Surrey & Sussex Ltd    11716264
Country Kitchen Superstore Limited    12189896
Cartel Menswear Limited    10848103
Copper Still Company Limited    08966492
Elite Bespoke Linen Limited    07643532
Florence Beauty Limited     10826260
H & B Tailoring Limited     11005742
Miss Euro Limited    06459212
Sun To Sea Cornwall Limited    12253635
Liquidators Appointed
AI Retail Limited    09072997
Bishop Lifting Services (Wales) Limited     01641631
Caisi Aviation Limited    06777180
Care Home Recruitment UK Limited     10900005
Cask And Corks Limited    08267995
C&D Antiques Limited    11588702
Chase Motorcycles Limited    10031824
Dorothy Perkins Retail Limited    01716523
D H Convenience Stores Limited    10367995
D. S. Clothing Limited     04092629
Dress Rail Boutique Limited    11234718
Fancy Dress Superstore Limited    09270590
House Of Bling Ltd    10845669
MacPrint (Blackpool) Limited    03183019
Masterwork Graphic Equipment (UK) Limited    05890721
NT Wholesale Limited     09252851
Stark Naked Lingerie Ltd    12295805
S.T.E.D. Electrical Limited    02610058
Members Voluntary Liquidations
Paramount Jewellery Limited    03721613
West End Cold Stores Limited    02939740
Petitions to Wind Up
Essex County Laundry Limited    00140030
HW Retail Limited    08269584
My London Shopper Limited    12675989
Winding up orders
Golf Depot Limited    02995248
Administrators Appointed
Avro Energy Limited    09174794
Northamptonshire Industrial Training Association Limited    01343155
Ockbrook School    05086591
People’s Energy (Supply) Limited    09844617
Swift Energy UK Limited    08867685
Trinity Nursing Services Limited    05646151
Administrators Meetings Para 51
Essex County Laundry, Limited    00140030
Compulsory Liquidators Appointed s 136
Essex county Laundry Limited    00140030
Lordrite Wooden Floors Limited    06599600
UK Calling Party Ltd    12792732
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Cleaner Energy Limited    08825096
K. S. Fashion UK Limited    12319293
Norfolk Painting School Limited    06871673
Wildcard Payment Services Limited    12041135
Liquidators Appointed
BBC (Bristol) Club Limited     07201733
Beacons Safety Training Limited     11922735
Carers Elite Homecare Limited    10244151
Darrow Farm, Pet and Equestrian Limited    11907417
Evergreen Education Limited    11363383
Gurkha Coins and Bullion Limited     09226224
Harley Street Therapy Centre Limited    06501573
LG Avionics Ltd     09831991
Platt School Nursery Limited    08488957
RLS Care Services Limited    11682364
Members Voluntary Liquidations
Core Laboratories (UK) IP Company Limited     08772020
JM Highway Management Services Limited     06775117
The Detective Agency Limited    02346660
The Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund    03608466
Wyevale Garden Centres Capital Limited    07942713
Petitions to Wind Up
Addington Equestrian 2019 Limited    11294806
CFL Finance Limited    05718498
United Health Hub Limited    10568746
Wuji Limited    11602117
Winding up orders
Sunbeds Services Limited    11800386
Types of Insolvency
Administration applies to limited companies and partnerships and is intended to get the company out of trouble and trading again if possible. Administrators can be appointed to a company that is unable, or is likely to become unable, to pay its debts. They can be appointed by the courts (on application from a creditor, directors or partners), the holder of a qualifying floating charge over the assets of the business, or the company or its directors. An administrator's primary goal is to rescue the company as a going concern. If this isn't possible, the administrator will try to get a better result for the creditors than would be possible if the company was wound up. If neither of these is possible, the administrator will sell the company's property to make at least a partial payment to one or more secured or preferential creditors, such as employees or the bank.
Administrators Meetings Para 51
This statement by the administrator of his proposals must be accompanied by an invitation to an initial creditors' meeting (Sch B1, para 51(1)).
This can only apply to individuals (including sole traders and individual members of a partnership). Bankruptcy petitions may be presented to the court by the individual, by creditors who are owed £750 or more, or by the supervisor of an individual voluntary arrangement. A bankruptcy order is made by the court.
Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)
A company comes to an arrangement with its creditors to pay the debts in full or in part over time. A CVA begins with the company (or its adviser) drafting a formal proposal at a Creditors' Meeting to pay part or all of the debts. If the proposal is accepted by the creditors, the arrangement will become legally binding and the directors will retain control of the company.
Compulsory Liquidation
This is the winding up of a company or a partnership by a court order (a winding up order). A petition is normally presented to the court by a creditor stating that he or she is owed a sum of money by the company and that the company cannot pay.
The Official Receiver becomes liquidator when the order is made but an Insolvency Practitioner will be appointed to take over if the company has significant assets. The liquidator's role is to realise the company's assets, pay all the fees and charges arising from the liquidation, and pay the creditors as far as funds allow in a strict order of priority.
Compulsory Liquidators Appointed S 136
When a winding-up order has been made, the Official Receiver is initially appointed as liquidator (section 136, IA 1986). The company's creditors and contributories may appoint another individual, who must be a registered insolvency practitioner, to act as liquidator (section 139, IA 1986). More than one liquidator can be appointed to act jointly.
Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation
Here the shareholders pass a resolution to wind the company up without the need for a court order. A Creditors' Meeting is held to nominate the appointment of a liquidator and consider a statement of affairs. Creditors can appoint a committee to work with the liquidator, whose role is to realise the company's assets, pay all the fees and charges arising from the liquidation, and pay the creditors as far as funds allow in a strict order of priority.
Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meeting
Creditors are now 'deemed to have consented' to a decision or resolution if 10% of creditors (by value) have not objected to it. In other words, if objections are not received by the specified decision date, creditors are 'deemed to have consented' to the decision or resolution.
Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
An individual comes to an arrangement with creditors to pay his/her debts in full or in part over time as an alternative to bankruptcy. The arrangement is set up by a licensed Insolvency Practitioner who will put it to a meeting of creditors. If the proposal is accepted at the meeting, the agreement reached with the creditors will be legally binding. An Interim Order is sometimes issued by a court and will immediately protect the debtor from any legal action by creditors.
Petitions to Wind Up
A winding up petition is a legal notice put forward to the court by a creditor. The application, in effect, asks the court to liquidate the company as they believe the company is insolvent. Proceeds of the liquidation can be used to pay back creditors.



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