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With two decades of experience under its belt ICSM’s expertise and advice has helped hundreds of companies smoothly and promptly claim what they were owed – for many our involvement made the difference between business survival and closure.

We can provide information on improving cashflow, understanding jargon and even what happens during court cases should your problems with debtors get that far. But more effective and cheaper in the long run is a business wide strategy of collecting details on the companies you are dealing with i.e. real-time credit reports, on a regular basis. Just because they are a blue chip operation or someone you have been doing business with for years does not mean they are financially stable.

Far too often action is only taken when payments become overdue. We offer a comprehensive guide on what measures operations should have in place with their existing customers and implemented with new clients to ensure any problems that arise can be dealt with easily, and more importantly at minimum cost.

But the key piece of advice we tell all our customers is to do something sooner rather than later. When there are any signs that a customer is struggling don’t delay take immediate action.
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