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ICSM Credit Community

ICSM run a members only credit community, the ICSM network allows members to be alerted to customers who are not paying, being slow to pay, or will not pay their bills to other suppliers.


This information is more up to date than the conventional credit report, ICSM feel that conventional credit reports, whilst remaining essential when making credit decisions, only paint part of the picture. With the online automated credit community ICSM can inform members of adverse trading situations before it's too late.


ICSM have been operating for twenty years (the first eleven of these as a partnership) and have thousands of members, ranging from large multi national corporations to small independent businesses.

How does it work?

ICSM members actively contribute to the network by notifying ICSM in writing via email or fax any adverse trading situations they may encounter.


This information is made up of various types including :-

  • Customers on stop
  • Litigation
  • Spurious disputes
  • RD and RDPR cheque listings
  • Legal letters being sent including, Account Overdue, Breach of Contract and Final Demand letters.

The informants details remain anonymous.

This information is added to the ICSM database.


Whenever a member requests information on a company via our website or directly, ICSM scan its specialist database for any historic or current credit community trading information, copying you in on any data found relating to your enquiry.
Data not available from any other source.


AT ICSM we call this unique report a 'Datascan'…

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